Montag, 19. Dezember 2022

7" LOS quad

The 7" Warthoxquad frame is in use to train and fly LOS in acro mode.
It was build initially to be powered by a 4S Lipo but...

One of my racing buddies (viva la France, Raphael 😁) showed me COB LED's that can be powered by 24V. You can get them from Amazon as e.g. as
I power the LED's directly from the Lipo and moved to 6S to have the right voltage.


  • Warthoxquad frame 
  • KISS FC v2 
  • KISS ESC 32A 
  • Brotherhobby Avenger V2 1850kv 
  • HQprop 7x4x3 v1s 
  • ImmersionRC Ghost Atto RX 
  • Tattu R-Line v5.0 6S 1400mAh Lipo



First flight with the new LED's

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