Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

gpsd on archlinux

As of 20150115 gpsd is not running out of the box on ArchlinuxARM on my RaspberryPI.

The reason i found is that the system.d service file of gpsd is pointing to a none existing gpsd configuration file.
To make gpsd work with a GPS connected to USB you need to do the following.

Install gpsd with

pacman -S gpsd

Plug in the GPS and check for the device with

ls -l /dev/tty*

in my case the device is registered as /dev/ttyACM0

Edit the gpsd configuration file


change the device line according to the device name as found before.


Change the gpsd systemd service file to point to correct configuration


needs to be changed to

Description=GPS (Global Positioning System) Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/gpsd -N $GPSD_OPTIONS $DEVICES


start and enable gpsd.service to start it automatically at boot

systemctl start gpsd.service
systemctl enable gpsd.service

if you start now e.g. cgps you should see data from your gps.

have fun!

- dk7xe -

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