Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

AP510 / AVRT5 APRS tracker - HF signal

AVRT5 APRS tracker
With the help of one of my colleagues @ QRL we measured the HF signal (144.800MHz - European APRS QRG) of the AVRT5 APRS tracker with a R&S Spectrum analyzer (3kHz-7GHz).
All measurements were made with a 6dB attenuator and 1m RG58CU between the Tracker and the Analyzer.

HF Signal - 144.800MHz

Power Measuring: 30.46dBm / 1.1Watt

At -5khz from center freq we measured a delta of 41.18dB

Harmonic frequ: The 1st harmonic at 289.7MHz has a delta of -9.13dB. That is too high for using it for a permanent digi. A filter is needed to further lower the harmonic signal.

AFSK data signal burst (my beacon of DK7XE-8) ~1sec duration

AFSK data signal - last 320ms

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