Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Antenna setup for BV0TPSJ

I joined the the CTARL team on Sunday July 6th to setup the Antenna's for BV0TPSJ JOTA activity at Municipal Dongmenguomin Elementary School.

We managed to setup a 2m/70cm GP, a 3element HF beam and a end fed wire for 40m monoband.

I was damned hot at the roof at noon. Also the 3 ele HF beam did not work as expected. No resonance on any of the bands.
Therefore a readjustment of the element lengths was done in the afternoon but even then we did not manage to get it work.
The guys tried out 40m on the longwire but the conditions were far off from being perfect.

I hope the guys can manage the problem with the 3ele HF yagi during the next days.

Therefore no operation on the higher bands at the moment. As far as i have been told there will be also no operation on Monday / Tuesday.
I hope i manage to join them when they are on air. But the chance is very low at the moment (due to none working antenna / unknown operating schedule).

Setup up 2m/70cm GP

Setup of 3ele HF yagi

Hua-Wei, BX2AI testing the 3ele yagi

Readjustment of the yagi in the afternoon

The 40m station setup
The 20m long-wire for 40m band.

BM1CDD calling CQ on 40m.

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